Speaker invites medical students to Caribbean

Michael Ford
Managing Editor

   Jim Copeland spoke to the University of Arkansas at Monticello’s Medical Sciences Club on Jan. 20 in an attempt to interest them in attending the Ross University School of Medicine.

Photo by Michael Ford
Recruiting - Jim Copeland entices people to go to the Caribbean in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

   Ross University, located in the Caribbean in the Commonwealth of Dominica, believes in the philosophy: Any individual with the ability, character and desire to become a physician deserves an opportunity to pursue it.

   “People are living longer and longer, so we need more doctors,” Copeland said. “(The) acceptance rate hasn’t really changed over the years, though”

   Ross University accepted 42.5 percent of students who applied last year. Of those students accepted, an extremely high percentage manages to be successful. Ninety-seven percent of Ross Medical students passed the United States Medical Licensing Examination  Step 1, while 96 percent of their graduates obtained U.S. residence.

   Copeland made it clear that Ross University caters to U.S. residence and does their best to prevent students from becoming homesick. He also emphasized their accreditation.

   “Ross Graduates are eligible to practice in all 50 states,” Copeland said. “Ross alumni include over 4,000 U.S. physicians. Over 90 percent of our students are U.S. residents. Ross’s one purpose is to teach a U.S. curriculum by a U.S. trained faculty in preparation for U.S. clinical rotations.”

   Sponsor of the Medical Sciences Club Russell Nordeen, one of many faculty members who attended the meeting, expressed positive notions regarding Ross University.

   “I got the impression that Ross University Medical School might be an attractive option for pre-meds to consider as it involves only 16 months off-shore in Dominica and the pass rate for the medical licensure exam and residency placement is high,” Nordeen said.  “Also it is not as competitive as U.S. schools, especially regarding the Medical College Admission Test, which is a problem for many of our students.”

   Copeland said the first four semesters at Ross University costs around $10,000 a semester.

   “The costs appear comparable to the University of Arkansas Medical School, which most of our students apply to,” Nordeen said. “The students I talked to after seemed to have a positive impression of the program.”

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