Campus Connect gets a facelift

Katy Murray
Commentary Editor

   A new version of Campus Connect has been initiated this semester and can boast additional features coupled with more up-to-date technology.

   The Information Technology department implemented this program and hopes it will assist students by making their Web lives a little bit easier. The old version simply lived out its days on the Web. The brand new one will not only be more pleasing to the eye, but will more importantly function like a current Web page. It also allows for the product to be customized, a benefit the old version did not provide.

   “The old version was sort of as is, not easy to modify or add features.  With this new version we can create features that hopefully help the students and staff on campus,” said Anissa Jacks, database manager   The features offered include: 

·        Student demographic data

·        Review or Pay Account Capabilities

·        Course Availability

·        Degree Audit

·        View Schedule

·        View Grades

·        Unofficial Transcript

   The finalizing of bills for the spring semesters will be much easier as well thanks to the new version.

   “This feature in particular needed to be added to the bill section for students with credit balances, which includes anyone that has financial aid to cover the cost of their bill to enable them to finalize online with campus connect,” Jacks said. 

   With this feature in place students will no longer have to mail in the signed bill or take it to the cashier’s window in order to finalize. 

   Many students have experienced the aggravation of being dropped from their scheduled classes because they failed to finalize their bill. Normally the bills have to be returned over Christmas break and it becomes easy to forget to mail in that form. Now studnets can simply finalize online and be done with the matter.

     “The New Version of Campus Connect offers a secure way for students to be able to finalize their bill,” Assistant Controller Lindy Hester said. "The new version also allowed an option to be added for students with a question which offers the students an opportunity to communicate with the cashier’s office at their convenience.” 

   She added that Campus Connect will also be used for students to determine how much their financial aid refund checks will be and if they even have one available. This will save students the trouble of standing in line at the cashier’s office to find out if they will get a refund.  

   Approximately 80 students finalized their bill online over the holidays with the new system and 132 students finalized their bill online by paying or making payment arrangements through FACTS Tuition Management.  Since the semester began, about 42 students have already used the new version of Campus Connect.      

   No major problems with the new system have been found at this time. Students may have encountered a minor problem, however, where at times their bill would not display. That only occurred, though, because the programs that calculate bills have to be down each night for maintenance. 

   “The new version works great and may even be a little faster than the older version,” Jacks said.       

   She also added that the new version of Campus Connect still has more changes ahead because the system has not been fully implemented yet. It should, however, be turned on soon.

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