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Diana Boldon


   Diana Boldon is new to UAM, where she is working as a research assistant under an Economic Development Grant.  Before moving to Monticello, she worked as a Human Resource Assistant for the West Oso Independent School District in Corpus Christi, Texas. Boldon works under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Pelkki in the H. H. Chamberlin Forest Resources Complex.

   “Under this grant, we are conducting an investigation to identify issues and propose necessary changes to expand the role of Arkansas’ forests," Boldon said. “My major responsibilities include contacting members of the logging and forestry industry to schedule interviews for Dr. Pelkki, coordinating and planning meeting events for the interviewees, doing research, and preparing data and reports with the obtained information.”

   Born in Hillsboro, Ohio, Boldon eventually went to Wilmington College in Ohio, and graduated Cum Laude in May 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. In July 2005, Boldon plans to begin the Master of Arts in Teaching at UAM. The mother of 6-month-old Tyler, Boldon is also married to head women’s basketball coach Bob Boldon.

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