Assembly lacks attendance

Will Whiting
Managing Editor

   The University of Arkansas – Monticello Assembly held its last regularly scheduled meeting of the fall semester Dec. 6 in the Fine Arts Center. Assembly members spent much time discussing proposed changes to the current constitution and bylaws.

   Chaired by Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Adam McKee, the committee to revise the documents presented recommendations to the entire Assembly body. Members then discussed the proposed changes in an open discussion. According to Chancellor Jack Lassiter, the revisions will be checked for accuracy before amending the current constitution and bylaws. 

   “I admire the work Dr. McKee and the committee is doing to revise the assembly constitution,” Dr. Lassiter said.  “There is no emergency in getting this passed immediately. We want to get it right, and until then, we will continue operating under the current constitution.”

   After some heated discussion among members of the Assembly on certain issues related to the proposed changes, no votes could be taken because of the lack of members at the meeting. According to Assembly Chair Linda Webster, lack of participation among faculty will prevent the Assembly from making several decisions regarding the proposed revisions.

   “We have not had a quorum represented at Assembly meetings in several years,” Dr. Webster said. 

   Lassiter reinforced Webster’s remarks and urged faculty to become more involved.

   “To make the suggested changes, the faculty must attend the assembly meetings,” Lassiter said.

   Despite not being able to vote, members continued reviewing the proposed changes. Proposed changes associated with membership of the Assembly will be posted in the Fred J. Taylor Library and Technology Center for review. More discussion on the proposed revisions will take place at the Assembly’s next meeting.

   Because of the lengthy discussions surrounding the proposed changes to the constitution and bylaws, other items discussed at the Assembly meeting were brief. The only other item receiving much discussion included the curriculum and standards committee report issued by chairman Bob Stark. Dr. Stark requested the Assembly approve their recommendations. The recommendations included 90 approvals of academic-related requests from various academic units on campus. The curriculum and standards committee withdrew two requests from academic units. Another 12 recommendations will require further investigation. The assembly voted unanimously to approve the curriculum and standards committee report.

   The next Assembly meeting will be announced on campus e-mail. The meeting will be open to the public.

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