Art exhibit "A Progression"

Jason Rana
Staff Writer

   Most art students find themselves making a natural progression during their tenure in an art program.  This is why the theme, "A Progression," fit Jenifer Chapman's senior exhibit.

   "She has some very strong pieces," said instructor Tom Richard. "I like the more abstract paintings because they are more art for art's sake."

   Chapman's work features ceramics and oil paintings.  The ceramic pieces range from the somewhat simple "Teapot" to the very complex "Choking Cascades," a mixture of geometric and organic structures.  The oil paintings move from representational art to abstract art, which puts forth a little experimentation in color play, according to Chapman's artist statement.

      Her strongest pieces, according to her instructor and fellow art students, are those similar to "Serial Killer" and "Choking Cascades."  Again, these are art for art's sake.

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