"Sigma Apollo" crowns two

Christean Bell
Contributing Writer

   Kirby Merritt and Jay Scott shared the title and money at the Lambda Zeta chapter of Phi Beta Sigma's "Sigma Apollo" Nov. 16. Merritt and Scott split the winnings of $100 due to a first place tie.

   The competition consisted of one dance group, one rap group, a duet and a solo freestyle performance. Phi Beta Sigma's Michael Wright opened the show with a freestyle performance which received generous applause.

   LLC&D (ladies loves cupid and diddy) provided a duet for the second act. Though they gave a valiant attempt to please the crowd, the audience did not agree with their efforts and proceeded to boo the group off stage.

   The following act, the dance group "The Ratchetts," brought a flavorful, urban dance routine to the stage as seen in the box office hit "You Got Served." The Ratchetts performed to the hit "Lose my breath" by the group Destiny's Child. The audience seemed to enjoy the group's performance and displayed their opinion by cheering for the group.

  The fourth act, BCB, performed an original rap song, which the audience enjoyed and applauded.

  Co-winner Merritt of Kappa Kappa Psi performed an original version of "He Looked Beyond My Faults." Although she seemed nervous in the beginning, Merritt received a standing ovation for her tear-jerking performance.

   "It was beautiful, I didn't know she could sing like that!" Wright said.

   In the final performance, co-winner Scott of Kappa Alpha Psi performed a heart-touching and spiritual praise dance. Although time consuming, the performance was still beautiful. The crowd rewarded his efforts with a standing ovation as well as applause. Unfortunately, the show did not sell out.

   "There was still a generous turn out," said Lambda Zeta chapter President Micah Gilbert.

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