International student laws change

Will Whiting
Managing Editor

   International students attending the University of Arkansas – Monticello will be affected by new laws recently implemented by the Department of Homeland Security. The laws come as the Institute of International Education indicated an increase in international students attending colleges and universities in the United States this fall.

   According to Mary Whiting, the designated school official for international students at UAM, it will be vital all international students follow the new guidelines when returning to school from the upcoming holiday break.

   “The Department of Homeland Security is upgrading ports of entry into the United States,” Whiting said. “This will provide more detailed inspection stations.”

   New laws which will affect all incoming and outgoing international students include the following:

  • International students will be required to present proof of their I-20 documentation, the form issued to international students by the host university for the purpose of obtaining a visa. According to Zhang & Associates, P.C., an international attorney firm, the appropriate visa permits non-immigrant students to pursue full-time studies in a U.S. academic institution.

  • International students will also be required to present proof of an I-94 form upon returning to UAM. The I-94 form will provide the UAM International Office with official arrival and departure information used to track international students by the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Additionally, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program will begin requiring all international students to file an official I-901 form, a form supporting fees associated with students receiving an F, M or J visa. According to Whiting, it will also require international students to pay an application fee.

   “International students will be required to submit a $100 payment with the official I-901 form for UAM and all other institutions of higher education nationwide,” Whiting said. “The forms are available in the International Office on campus.”

   According to official university data, UAM currently enrolls 19 international students from 10 countries worldwide.  

   The Department of Homeland Security implements new laws affecting international students on a regular basis. Anyone with questions concerning the new laws or current laws should contact the International Office located on the first floor in Harris Hall. Students may also call 460-1026.

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