Mocha Madness displays talents

Bradly Gill
Staff Writer

   It was a night of poetry, prose, and musical performances as the Creative Society once again hosted Mocha Madness, the University of Arkansas-Monticello’s local coffeehouse extravaganza. Braving the rainy weather, patrons of the arts gathered at the Patio Café to watch some of UAM’s best and brightest display their various talents.

   The always popular Red Hawk kicked off the night, after two no-shows, with two poems, including one titled “Why the Dog is Man’s Best Friend … Not Women’s.” Shortly thereafter, the Voice’s own Ronald Sitton took to the stage with his harmonica and laid some down-home Delta blues on the audience. Other faculty members performed also, including Creative Society sponsor Gary Marshall, Mark Englerth with his Star Wars haikus, and Tom Richard, who defined art for the audience.

   Not to be outdone, students joined the professors, showcasing their talents on the stage. Notable performances included Dennis Chisom reading a story most people could relate to, “Bubba Goes to College;” Mocha Madness veteran Brad Hill waxing poetic on the subject of Arkansas’ ban on gay marriage; and John Sanders performing Mocha Madness’ very first sword kata, as well as reciting a haiku. Musical performances included Anthony Newton’s haunting keyboard rendition of the “Legend of Zelda” theme.

   Mocha Madness would not have been possible without the many people who helped out, including David Cherry, who was the first Mocha Madness emcee to ever wear a tie; Rhiannon Cabaniss, who baked all the cookies consumed and kept the coffee brewing for the hoards of coffee lovers; the Student Activities Board, who funded the event; and many other people, too numerous to mention them all.

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