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Workin' hard -- (from left) UAM student ambassador Elizabeth Doss, department secretary Cyndi Hargrave, student worker Holley Rippee, and Admissions and administrative support representative Holly Johnson work on new recruitment ideas.
Karon Parrish

   Students can find assistance with the Office of Admissions in a multitude of areas under the direction of Mary Whiting. The amount of information available to students from this department varies.

   The load could be overwhelming with the number of students passing through Whiting’s department if it were not for her dedicated full-time staff, student workers, and the University of Arkansas-Monticello's Ambassadors. Department secretary Cyndi Hargrave said the office often has visitors wanting information about financial aid or help with their studies. They are able to direct the students to the proper department.

   “I enjoy working with prospective students and feeling as though I’ve been a help to them,” Hargrave said.

   Admissions assist incoming freshmen as well as a vast number of students such as returning, non-traditional, international, graduate and potential students.

   One area of special interest to all students is scholarship information. Whiting works with the scholarship committee and encourages students to complete scholarship applications through her office as well as through each department.

   Special Student services is also located in this department. If a student has a condition or situation that may place them in this category, then they would contact Admissions for further information.

   “Just one of the good things about working here is that I am able to help students, especially those around my age, with most information,” said UAM Ambassador and student worker Elizabeth Doss.

   This office is usually the first place on campus a potential student and will visit. It is important to make a good first impression and keep that impression throughout the relationship with the student and parents, Whiting said.

   Four of the six full-time staff people are on the road many days out of the year, traveling to high schools for recruiting. The busiest time of the year is during this recruiting period when they not only encourage students to attend UAM, but they also continue to handle currently enrolled students.

   For further information log onto their Web site or call (870) 460-1026.

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