Halo 2 released

Jason Rana
Staff Writer

   Finally, the wait is over for this year’s most anticipated sequel, Halo 2.

   Awarded “game of the year” by almost every video game publication that reviewed it, Halo set a high mark. From the previews of this game, the sequel was shaping up to be no different.

   In order to make things more interesting this time around, Bungie (the developers) decided to make this game available with an online option supporting up to 64 players. Also the improved graphics make much better use of the X-box’s video processors.

   The loading time between levels has decreased from 30 – 45 seconds between levels to one-35 second load time when the single player campaign is first run. New character customization options allow for more control over your character’s look.

   But what would a sequel be without a continuation of the first game’s story? Don’t worry; I won’t spoil the ending.

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