Businesses offer student discounts, rates

Jason Rana
Staff Writer

   In business one of the easiest ways to create revenues is to generate interest through sales. In college towns this is even more apparent because of the number of businesses that offer student rates and discounts.  

   More often than not, these discounts are a percentage discount on products and services. This is especially true for restaurants like Wendy’s or Waff-L-Inn. Many times these discounts are similar to if not the same as those for a senior citizen. Occasionally a business that charges fees, like insurance, will give a discount rate to students.

  Here are the businesses in Monticello who responded to a request for information on student discounts. 

Ryburn Motors 10% off parts and service
Monticello Drug 10% off all items in the store
Waff-L-Inn 10% discount with I.D.
Malco Discounted ticket price
Wendy’s 10% discount
State Farm Insuarance Student Select Health insurance policy

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