Cigarette use at college

Shantel Carter
Staff Writer

   Looking around UAM one thing that can be noticed is the usage of tobacco. According to, college students are the leading users of tobacco products.

   According to, 35 percent of college students nationwide report using tobacco products where the national average is 23 percent.

   Lack of knowledge about smoking leads to young people using more tobacco products according to

   Smoking lead to lung cancer and emphysema. Ten times more likely to get lung cancer than emphysema than nonsmokers, smokers also can develop chronic coughing and bronchial infections according to

   Smoking does not affect the lungs alone. It also affects the heart. It causes cholesterol deposits in artery walls which can lead to heard attacks according to

   Hopefully, now college students have learned what smoking can do to their bodies and think about the next time you light a cigarette.

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