Mocha Madness

Laura McKinney
Staff Writer

   For a splash of hometown talent the Creative Society for Mocha Madness invites everyone to the annual event on Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. at the Patio Café.

   Every semester the Creative Society holds Mocha Madness, a night filled with imaginative readings, poetry, short story, singing, dancing and other entertainment by local students, staff and the general public.  

   Don’t be fooled by the name “Mocha Madness” because the amount of coffee consumed is not the only thing mad about the night. Creative Society member Rhiannon Cabaniss makes a mean batch of chocolate chips cookies and hazelnut coffee.

  After hearing Bradley Hill’s energetic, non-conformist reading the audience wants to stand up and shout, “Wow. What a man.”  

  Gary Marshall brings new funky beats with his kazooba, a unique instrument he created by combing a kazoo and tuba.

   The Creative Society prepares for Mocha Madness all semester, gathering prizes, snacks and coffee, coffee, coffee. Admittance is free. Just bring an attentive body or a piece to share with the crowd.  

   Contact Gary Marshall to share talent at, sign up on sheets around campus or wait to sign up on the open mic roster that night.

   In an e-mail about signing up, Marshall said, “Include your name (as it will appear on the program) and what you plan to do.”  

   All interested participants who share their talent will receive a prize. Participants pick from a collection of colorful handcrafted ceramic containers and mugs. Don’t leave without a mug! They love new talent.

   Show up at the Patio Café with all ears or all mouth. The lit stage, microphone and coffee are waiting.  

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