What should we know?

Leonard Polk
Contributing Writer

   The upcoming election has been said to be the most important election of American history. Since it is so important to vote in the first place, it is imperative that we have at least have little overview of both candidates.

   Bush is our current president. Saying if he is a good president or not will be revealed after Nov. 2. Bush has set up the "No Child Left Behind" act that ensures that any child may do well in school by holding them back until they get it right. Also, it requires students to take more standardized test like "A-Star Reader and A-Plus" and we all know that's what all seniors in high school want on top of their normal load of home work and the struggle and stress of trying to get in the right college.

   Secondly, Bush has handled the 9/11 situation very well, even though he lied about supposed weapons of mass destruction to get into Iraq, but I would have done the same thing to kick some saddam/osama (not capitalized for a reason) ass. Finally, Bush has lost millions of American jobs and has caused one of the worst recessions ever.

   Lets move on to John Kerry, who has offered a plan for better health care and better education reform. Although both of these issues do need reform, in the debates he said he had a plan and offered a plan, but he never gave any way of who was going to pay for it. America, it costs money to reform health care. It costs money to reform education and there is no magical fairy that sits on the top of Capitol Hill and throws money out whenever we need it.

   Also, there is really no question if Kerry is qualified because he spent 20 years in Congress. People often say that Kerry cannot make up his mind about anything. Now back in the real world where things make sense, it is good to change your mind when things that you voted on in the past are outdated and need to be changed. That is the whole purpose of being a congressman - to make things better for Americans based upon what is good for the country at that time.

   So with that, look up more things on your favorite candidate. Become informed and get out and vote because it will determine the way some things are done for the rest of your lives. Be at the polls Nov. 2.

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