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Cheney and Clinton get flu shots

   Health officials have urged that only those most vulnerable receive the flu vaccine, which is why I found it odd when John Kerry’s Presidential campaign slammed Vice President Dick Cheney, a heart patient, for receiving a flu shot, even though he wears a pacemaker and has had four heart attacks. If Cheney is not the epitome of vulnerability, I do not know who is. On the other hand, the Kerry campaign said nothing when Bill Clinton got his flu shot. Did I miss something? Shouldn’t the Kerry campaign be issuing a statement any minute now condemning Clinton for receiving a flu shot?

More than one Internet …

   During the second presidential debate, President Bush said he heard there were rumors on the “Internets.” This struck me as curious, since I am only aware of one Internet. How do we get on the other Internet? Did anyone else know about this other Internet? Apparently, the president leaked vital information of a secret government Internet that no one knows about, and now, he is trying to be coy about it. If you would like to catch the part of the debate where the president refers to the “Internets,” visit http://www.rumorsontheinternets.com/.

Fraud in Florida

   Complaints of voter fraud are already running rampant in Florida. The state that was notorious for voting complications in the 2000 presidential election has already received numerous complaints from election supervisors, the secretary of state’s office and citizens alleging organized dishonest efforts. Florida is one of the most highly contested states in this year’s election and will be vital to either candidate’s victory. Bush and Kerry have teams of lawyers in Florida, but Bush’s key ally may be his brother Jeb, who is also governor of the state.

Topless club uses Zeta-Jones

   Catherine Zeta-Jones, the star of “The Mask of Zorro” and “Entrapment,” filed a lawsuit Oct. 21 in U.S District Court in Los Angeles against The Spice House for displaying her picture on its Web site, sometimes near partially nude women. Zeta-Jones has never permitted the club or its owner to use her picture, according to the lawsuit. This is definitely the marketing ploy of the century, though. Tricking guys into thinking they will be seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones topless at their club would have undoubtedly generated business. The Spice House proclaims itself to be "Reno's friendliest topless cabaret.”

This week's rent:

   “Big Trouble in Little China” (1986), directed by John Carpenter. Forget about “Escape From New York,” this is Kurt Russell and John Carpenter’s finest collaboration. It has amassed a cult following that demands a sequel even to this day. Russell plays a trucker who gets caught in the bizarre underworld of San Francisco Chinatown. The movie is chock-full of elements of martial arts, Hong Kong action films, Chinese mythology and other brilliantly imagined components. Although this is not John Carpenter’s most popular, nor critically acclaimed work, it is easily his best and should not be missed by fans of any of the aforementioned genres.

Grade: A

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