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VP debate ignored key issues

   What viewers learned from the Vice Presidential debate is we should vote for the Democratic ticket because John Edward’s father learned math off the television (sad personal story), and we should vote for the Republican ticket because a terrorist could bring a nuclear weapon into one of our major cities (politics of fear). The two candidates debated IRAQ until they were blue in the face, while ignoring other important issues. What about the $80 billion we are spending to keep U.S. troops in prosperous countries that can defend themselves against non-existent enemies? What about record high oil prices that continue to soar? What about our trillion dollar debt, or outsourcing, or the environment?.

Fahrenheit or Celsius?

   The Republicans have countered Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 with a little documentary of their own: Celsius 41.11 – The Temperature at Which the Brain Begins to Die. The documentary was created in a mere six weeks and is being dubbed as “The Truth Behind the Lies of Fahrenheit 9/11!” After it premiered in Washington, the Republicans touted it as being more accurate than Fahrenheit 9/11, which is about as surprising as a hurricane in Florida. Unfortunately for the Republicans, it is unlikely the movie will gross $100 million.

O’Reilly goes after your kids

   Bill O’Reilly, the conservative pundit who is the star of his own highly rated cable-TV show, has written a book for the kids – “The O’Reilly Factor for Kids.” It offers basic advice to children on topics such as bullies, friends, school, sex, drugs, alcohol and more. O’Reilly has fathered two children of his own, so he should have plenty of advice to offer parents. However, I cannot picture many liberal parents buying this book for their little ones. I wonder why.

Pippen calls it quits

   Scottie Pippen, a native of Hamburg Ark., announced his retirement earlier this month after spending 17 years in the NBA. For most of his career, he played alongside the greatest basketball player of all time – Michael Jordan, and won six NBA World Championships in the process. Jordan was unable to win a single title without Pippen at his side. Unsurprisingly enough, Pippen will not be returning to Hamburg, but plans to stick around Chicago and hopefully become active in coaching and helping out the Bulls’ younger players. However, his former teammate Dennis Rodman intends to return to the NBA this season and play for the Denver Nuggets…

This week's rent:

   “Stigmata” (1999), directed by Rupert Wainwright. This cinema darling was somewhat overlooked in ’99, which is unfortunate because Patricia Arquette gives an extremely convincing performance as Frankie Paige, a woman who has been “blessed” with the Stigmata. Throughout the movie she is afflicted with one crucifixion wound after another. Those of you easily offended by movies that touch on religious issues need not apply. Although it is by no means a modern day “Exorcist,” it is definitely worth a rent, and if you can get you hands on the DVD, you will be treated to an alternate ending.

Grade: B+

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