Students meet with North Central Accreditation panel

Will Whiting
Managing Editor

   Several UAM students met with two representatives from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accreditation team on campus last week, during part of the extensive reaccrediting process in which UAM was required to participate.

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Listening — Students meet with North Central team members Dr. Esther Fahm and Dr. Elizabeth Sullivan in the Fine Arts Center Oct. 4 to discuss current student issues on campus. The information discussed will be used by the accrediting team to develop a complete report for UAM.
   Dr. Esther Fahm, a professor in the Department of Food and Nutrition at the University of Wisconsin – Stout and Dr. Elizabeth Sullivan, vice president for administration and student services at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology addressed approximately eighteen students who turned out for the event in the UAM Fine Arts Center on Monday, Oct. 4.

   Students offered the evaluators information related to student services, academic programs and a variety of other student-oriented issues. The team will use the information gathered to offer suggestions to the UAM administration as to how the university might better meet current student needs.

   Fahm said she believes this is one of the most influential parts of the North Central Accreditation process.

   “The students are so connected with the campus,” Fahm said. “Their insights are very valuable and beneficial to both our team and to members of the university administration.”

   Junior political science major Matt Baumgarten said he also believes the question and answer session proved beneficial.

   “I’m glad the students were able to meet with the team and voice their opinions about a variety of student-related issues,” Baumgarten said. “I’m glad to know that my opinion matters.”

   The comments received will be used by Fahm, Sullivan and two other team members to formulate a complete report which will be issued to university officials later this year.  The report will contain a detailed listing of the team’s findings while on campus in addition to recommendations they believe the university should make based on their observations.

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