Erksine College re-elects Stewart to board

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Stewart at rest
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   Kate Stewart has been re-elected to a five-year term on the Erskine College Board of Trustees. This job is simply one of many for this woman who wears a coat of so many colors.

   Erskine College, in South Carolina, is a church-related institution of the Associate reform Presbyterian Church, which happens to be Stewart's religious denomination. Her maternal grandparents and other relatives attended this college, and Stewart got involved with the institution through her church connections. She has been a member of the Board twice already and will now be serving on it until 2009.

   Stewart will have to attend four meetings every year as a member of the Board of Trustees. These meetings are not your typical one-hour meeting though.

   “Its an eye-opening experience,” Stewart said.

   They last over the span of two days and can run as long as 12 hours a day. The board discusses and votes on every issue of the college and seminary, from budget to graduation approval.

   “It's really a lot of fun if you're in higher education,” she said.

   It's a good thing Stewart enjoys her work because she is involved in a various assortment of activities and is always very busy.

   “It keeps me out of trouble,” she said.

   She manages to juggle her responsibilities very well and has a good time doing so.

   "I'm a workaholic and an organizer," Stewart said

   After receiving her doctorate from the University of Mississippi, Stewart taught there before becoming a visiting assistant professor at Worchestor (Mass.) Polytechnic Institute. She joined UAM in 1988 as a professor of English.

  Stewart has over 15 scholarly presentations for such organizations as the Arkansas Philological Association, Mississippi Philological Association, Evangelical Press Association, Northeast Modern Language Association, Louisisana Philological Association and Missouri Philological Association. Some of her publications can be viewed on her Web site.

   Her current interests include a study on Faulkner and local history. For this project's research, Stewart interviews the community's elderly population to get an oral history.

   Over the years she has received many professional honors such as:

  • Who's Who in American Education
  • Who's Who in the World
  • Who's Who in the South and Southwest.
   Stewart has served on various committees, sponsored many organizations and chaired quite a few assemblies. She also manages to advise students as well as teach them.

   "I still manage to watch 'The Apprentice' too," Stewart said.

   Although obligated to so many different areas, Stewart has not lost track of her personal interests. She adores cats, especially her own, Me-ow and Priscilla. She is also taking piano lessons and doing very well. Finally she is in the process of restoring and renovating the Stewart Farm in Mississippi. Being elected to the Board of Trustees at Erskine College is just another oppurtunity for her to continue her aspirations to greatness.

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