Forum focuses on women's health

Erin Anthony
Staff Writer

   Delta Sigma Theta women’s sorority presented the forum "Sisters, Let’s Talk" Sept. 29 in the University Center Caucus Room. Vickie Scott of the Arkansas Department of Health spoke on behalf of the sorority about current issues affecting women’s health.

   Many on campus wondered why Delta Sigma Theta chose to plan the program for 7:13 pm. Most programs begin on the hour or 30 minutes after. But the ladies chose to honor the year 1913, when the first chapter of the sorority received its charter, by making the time 7:13.

   Sorority President Rhonda Ridgell said the program targeted freshman ladies.

   “We wanted to make them aware of the risks involved with all health issues facing young women today,” Ridgell said.

   The program delved into topics such as sexual health, cancer risks, and self-care exams. The main topic addressed possible negative consequences of sexual activity. Scott used a slide show containing pictures of sexually transmitted diseases’ effects to encourage safe sex and health consciousness. HIV and syphilis dominated the discussion.

   Traditionally popular, the sorority's next event, "What Men and Women Really Want," is scheduled for Oct. 6.

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