What every voter should know

Laura McKinney
Staff Writer

   Political party representatives are coming to UAM’s UC Greenroom Oct. 14 at 7 p.m. to discuss issues on the 2004 ballot.

    Representatives from Democratic and Republican parties will discuss why voters should choose their presidential candidate. Arkansans for Human Rights and Monticello Economic Development Board will be among those voicing opinions about proposed amendments to the State Constitution.  Speakers will have 10 to 15 minutes to educate and inform UAM students and the general public about Party opinions, as well as advantages and disadvantages of the proposed amendments said professor and head of Debate Society, Scott Kuttenkuler.  The UAM Debate Team holds the forum and encourages attendance. 

   Voters should place their votes according to their agreement with issues presented, not political party names, Kuttenkuler said.  They should understand what a party stands for before voting.  By attending the forum, the public will be educated on amendments and issues, and also views and opinions from different sides. 

   “Being able to appreciate what you are voting for, now that’s voting,” said Kuttenkuler.

   There are three amendments and one referred question proposed by the State Constitution in the 2004 election.  Amendment 1 proposes to extend the term limits for the members of the Arkansas House of Representatives and Arkansas State Senate.  Amendment 2 proposes to permit the General Assembly to approve development bonds for large economic development projects.  Amendment 3 proposes that marriages should only be made up of one man and one woman.  Referred Question 1 suggests an increase in personal property tax for the support of public schools. 

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