Ask Nancy
Green vs. Black

Nancy Davis
Commentary Editor

   Every event in a celebrity’s life will be critiqued by a fashion expert whether they are eating ice cream in the park with their kids or waving to the crowd from the red carpet in downtown LA.

   The Emmy’s have Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa, and Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards have their own experts on hand to let their audience find out who the best and worst dressed attendees are. So why shouldn’t UAM have its very own fashion expert keep us up-to-date on new fashion trends?

   We are not talking about the latest clothing styles students wear to class, but the shimmering eye-blinding green that graduates are required to wear at graduation. It might be time for a change. Would a regal black gown give the event the true dignity that it deserves?

   Traditions are a wonderful thing to experience, but there comes a time when change is good and this is definitely the year for change at UAM. Black must be deserving at the graduation ceremonies due to the fact that the faculty are required to wear the color. Shouldn’t the students also be allowed to wear the same color that now makes many of them equal to the same honor?

   Students, this is your chance to give your opinion on one of the most important events in your education by clicking on the link below to give your opinion to on whether students should wear green or black graduation gowns.

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