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Bradly Gill
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Sky Captain
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   In many ways, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is a standard Hollywood formulaic action flick. It has a hero, a heroine/ditzy blond in need of rescue, a trusty sidekick and an evil genius out to destroy the world, not to mention explosions, gunfire, airplanes and giant robots. Despite being predictable, Sky Captain is still a highly enjoyable film, full of witty dialogue and beautiful backdrops.

   The film stars Jude Law as Joe Sullivan, Sky Captain and leader of a mercenary army that periodically saves the world. Gwenyth Paltrow plays Polly Perkins, female reporter and former love interest of the hero. Giovanni Rivissi plays the tech specialist, Dex, who in true sidekick fashion gets kidnapped halfway through the movie.

   Angelina Jolie makes a brief appearance as Francesca Cook, another former love interest of Joe’s. Her character provides one of the high points of the movie. Cook is a sexy eye-patched commando with a British accent. The only problem is viewers may end up wishing Joe would fall for her instead of the constantly whining Polly.

   Lawrence Olivier, yes the one who died over a decade ago, is the evil genius Totekopf. The filmmakers took various film clips and archival footage and spliced them together for the late actor’s scenes.

   That’s not the only computer magic used in the movie. All of the backdrops and scenery are computer generated. In light of these fabrications, the movie visually flawless. Fans of radio drama and film noir will get a kick out of it. While rated PG, Sky Captain has enough violence, machine gunning and sexual innuendo to be more suited to the 15 and up crowd.

   After a summer of Hollywood blockbusters, Sky Captain may seem like standard fair, but it contains more than enough creativity, action and spark to keep you interested and fully satisfied at the end of the movie.

Grade: A-

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