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UAM welcomes troops home

Brecken Stafford
Contributing Writer

   Soldiers from all over the state of the 39th Infantry Brigade are finally home. After nearly two years of preparing and engaging in Iraqi Freedom, Arkansas soil is merely sweet. 

  Monticello held a "Welcome Home" celebration April 22 for the 39th Infantry, featuring the University of Arkansas at Monticello Band. A few of UAM’s very own started arriving back home in 2004. 

   Hasty Hobbs, a member of Kappa Alpha Order, returned to Arkansas in 2004 after serving in Iraqi Freedom. Hobbs is planning to graduate with a Criminal Justice degree. 

   “You take for granted what you have been given until your in unfamiliar territory. We gripe about stuff but we don’t realize what we have,” Hobbs said.

   Brad Guthrie, a member of Sigma Tau Gamma, arrived to Fort Hood in March after serving in Iraqi Freedom for 18 months. He was welcomed there by his family and long-time girlfriend Jenny Tucker.

   “It was so good to finally see Brad and know that he was going to soon be back home,” Tucker said. 

   After arriving at Fort Hood the soldiers had to undergo specific training before returning home. When Guthrie arrived in Monticello signs and posters welcomed him. Guthrie is now spending time with his family and friends and plans to get back on schedule with school at UAM, where he is a Criminal Justice major, and back to work.

   UAM would like to thank all the soldiers of the 39th Brigade for their efforts and dedication to the forces while fighting for Iraqi Freedom. 

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