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'The Ring Two' leaves you wondering

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Jill Jarrett
Staff Writer 

   The sequel to last year's "The Ring" may leave viewers wondering what they were thinking, or at least why they wasted their time and money.

   This movie is full of confusion, terrible choices and evil deer - if there is even such a thing.

   Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) and son Aiden ( David Dorfman) are back for another encounter with the "evil" Samara. This time around Samara is actually trying to posses Aiden because she wants Rachel to be her mother.

   If that isn't strange enough, in an attempt to save her own son Rachel goes to visit Samara's birth mother Evelyn, played by Sissy Spacek, in an asylum. She is then told that the only way that she can save her son is to drown him, like she tried to drown Samara so many years ago. Thus explaining all the water.

   This movie leaves you in the same place that the first one did, wondering what you just saw, and is it really over. Because after all, the well is always open until you close it.

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