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Letter from the editor

Dear readers, 

   One thing remains certain about the Voice: it’s constantly changing. Though several changes occurred unexpectedly, I believe they all led to the growth and evolvement of the publication, resulting in a far greater source of news for the campus. Don’t take my word for it, though – see for yourself in the morgue.

   The morgue provides a vivid, comprehensive representation of the Voice’s progression in quality over the past year – and provides readers with an idea of the positive direction it’s headed. Not only will you see an improvement in quality between last year and this year, or even last semester and this semester, but I believe these last couple of issues set a bar – one that will continue to rise in the following semesters.

   An amazing staff accompanied by the professional and unwavering guidance of adviser Ronald Sitton, should be held responsible for the surge in quality. By holding everyone involved to a high standard, Sitton took the Voice, and everyone who accepted his challenge, to a higher level of journalism.

   Speaking Out, a section of the Voice I must emphasize, allows students the opportunity to write a commentary regarding anything they wish. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this newly-acquired freedom and express their opinion to the rest of the campus in a tactful manner. By doing so, I hope it will improve certain aspects of the university to better accompany not only its students, but faculty and staff as well.

   For the Voice to continue to grow and progress in quality at its current rate, a print version of the newspaper must be taken into consideration and eventually materialize. Otherwise, journalism students will fail to receive an authentic journalistic experience. For instance, the Voice recently failed to qualify for participation in a specific category at the Arkansas College Media Association awards, due to the lack of this vital requirement in a journalism program.

   As for the journalism program itself, I want to thank the administration and faculty members who helped set it in motion, as well as those who strongly support it. I am most gracious for the steps you took in making the journalism major a reality at UAM. Though I don’t know who all of you are, you do – so thank you.

   While working on the Voice this past year, I realized some students and faculty either remain unaware of the Voice’s existence, or don’t read it. Starting now, I hold myself accountable for this – and intend to raise the quality of the publication until it demands not only everyone’s attention, but until the entire campus respects it as a legitimate news source.

   Have a great summer and thanks for reading.

Michael Ford

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The Voice, 2005
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