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UAM offers self-defense course

Cara Crossett
Assistant Copy Editor

   The Criminal Justice Association and the Department of Public Safety from the University of Arkansas – Monticello have ventured together to offer a self-defense course to UAM students and faculty, every Wednesday and Thursday night at 6 p.m. in the Gibson University Center gym.  The class teaches women how to defend themselves from assault.                       

   “One in six women fall victim to a sexual assault in their lifetime,” said John Sanders, president of the UAM Criminal Justice Association and auxiliary officer for public safety.           

   The 25 women involved in the class are being taught many mental and physical defense tactics, increasing their chances of surviving an attack or assault.           

   “We’re not aiming to train fighters; all we want to do is impart some simple skills that can help a woman escape to safety in the terrible event the need arises,” said Adam McKee, assistant professor of criminal justice and auxiliary peace officer for public safety. 

   The self defense class objectives help women to prepare their minds against confrontation and prepare them for defense against attacks. 

   “I do believe programs like these are important.  The sobering truth is that we are living in the most violent era our society has ever known outside of war.  For the individual woman, preparedness is the best preventative,” McKee said.

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