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Prosecute the Drew county dog-eater!

Tiffany Cockrum
Contributing Writer

   Many people consider a dog to be "man's best friend." Dogs are viewed as loveable and dependable companions, and in some instances a part of the family. What if someone stole and destroyed that friend in such a way that it was considered to be inhumane, not to mention just plain horrible? What if they stole, shot, skinned and ate him? Just last week this happened in Drew county. 

   In 44 states it is not illegal to eat a dog. Sure, it may be a delicacy overseas, but it has to be taken into consideration that this was a domesticated dog. Most Americans view this as ethically wrong. People do not go around taking pets to eat them for dinner! 

   Taking someone's pet in some cases may be like stealing a family member. People form close bonds with their pets, especially dogs. A dog has to be one of the smartest domesticated animals on earth. In clinical studies they have even shown to respond to human emotions or gestures. They know when someone is sick or under the weather and when someone is angry by the sound of their voice. 

   As a dog owner I feel that eating someone's dog is morally wrong. I feel that the person that did this should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. Not only is he a thief of property, but he is disturbed. Dogs are our friends, not what is for dinner!

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