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People try to bring Jackson down

Ashley Collins
Staff Writer

   Whether or not Michael Jackson is guilty of molesting a 13-year-old boy, is the accuser's mother a valuable witness?

   According to the BBC, Janet Arvizo-Jackson said that after a documentary was broadcast in Britain, Michael Jackson’s aides held her and her family at the star’s Neverland Ranch and planned to fly them to Brazil. In the video, Arvizo-Jackson repeatedly describes Jackson as a “wonderful father” to her children. She told the court she and her family were kept up all night during the making of the video, “I was confused, I was sad, so basically I was acting,” she said.

   Arvizo-Jackson received payments from the pop star, so what does that say about her? Instead of putting a man in jail for molesting her son, she settled for a lump sum of money.

   Arvizo-Jackson, discreditable because she is only testifying because Jackson has been accused of 10 charges of sexual abuse and false imprisonment case who might not be the true victim of this case, took the stand and said Jackson did not molest him.

   Many people are trying to bring Jackson down because he is a famous face and icon to the world. Many people love him and the Neverland Ranch provides a place for children to have fun. Now the media is portraying the ranch as a place where boys are being sexually assaulted.  

   Yes, I admit that Michael looks a little weird since he bleached his skin, but that does not give people the right to pass judgment on him. He is a kid at heart. At a very young age, he had his childhood taken from him and now, he hopes to relive a little part of his life through kids that need his help. He gets enjoyment out of making children happy.

   Jackson invented the Neverland Ranch to get back some of his childhood and to make it a place where sick kids could come and enjoy themselves. People of the media took his kindness for granted and are trying to say that boys are his weakness. Every person in the United States of America should have a fair trial and Jackson has not been able to receive one, because he is a celebrity and icon to the world.

   According to BBC news, “Previous allegations against Mr. Jackson have never been proven in court and are denied by some of the alleged victims.”

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