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Campus needs more activities

Jill Jarrett
Staff Writer 

   For many years the University of Arkansas - Monticello has been known as a commuter college. Come the weekend this campus looks slightly like a ghost town. 

    You can drive by any of the dorms on a weekend and count on one hand the number of cars you see. Don't get excited though, you may see cars but chances are you will not see any people. Many students complain that there is not enough for them to do at UAM or in Monticello for them to stay around for the weekend as well.  One of the only times that you will see students on campus for the weekend is if there is a big sporting event taking place.

    There are many activities that students can enjoy during the day. This past week Spring Fling took place. But what are we going to do for the rest of the semester? We can't very well have fish fries and luau's every night. Even with all the activities going on with Spring Fling, everything was still over by 8 p.m. What are we supposed to do, sit in our rooms and watch MTV all night long? Yes I know we can study and do our homework, but if you're like me and your out of class by 3 p.m. every day you have plenty of time to do school work before dark.

   If their were more things to do on this campus more students would be interested in UAM. We could have lounges where students could listen to music, watch TV and play video games. I know that there are rooms like this in the dorms, but what about at a central location on campus one that everyone could enjoy together?! If the coffee shop would stay open longer, it would not only give the students a place to unwind it would make the school money ...

   If you have any ideas on what can make night life and weekends at UAM more appealing to students, write a letter to the editor of the Voice. Your opinion counts so let your VOICE be heard.

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