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Bradly Gill
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Monkeys commit Reefer Madness in India

   What is being described as a group of intoxicated monkeys attacked the village of Baralapokhari, after ingesting a liquor made from marijuana leaves. Personally I think a public service announcement featuring high monkeys would help the War on Drugs immensely.

Elephants also go on rampage.

   Six elephants that were part of a circus parade in Seoul ran amok and injured at least one person. Three of the unruly pachyderms even crashed into a restaurant. No word on whether they were getting high with the monkeys.

Ratzinger new Pope. Techie profits.

   Hardline conservative Joseph Ratzinger of Germany was elected Pope on Tuesday. He dubbed himself Benedict XVI. A Florida man already has the rights to Benedict I swear, that’s not even a joke.

Japanese develop exo-skeleton.

   Japanese scientist unveiled a suit that would give super strength to the wearer. Hal, as it is being called, could potentially help the old or disabled in lifting or walking. It could also be used to fight crime or become the world’s first super villain. The Christmas list just gets longer.

Read of the Week:

   George Orwell—"Animal Farm." Due to all the animal violence in this week’s Buzzworthy, I though it only fitting to spotlight Orwell’s novel of barnyard revolution. A biting social commentary on Russia and Socialism, the book is not for the politically faint of heart. Still, if you like talking animals (not the Disney kind) and a good book that will make you think, "Animal Farm" is worth a read.

Rating: A

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