Acappella entertains UAM

Karon Parrish

   The Christian music group “Acappella” performed at the UAM Fine Arts Center Sept. 10.  Around 300 people attended the concert including students, faculty, staff and others from the surrounding communities.

   The group includes energetic lead Sean Samuel of Jacksonville, Fla.; Gary Evans of Lubbock, Texas, who adds an amazingly low bass to the mix; the soulful Nicholas Dunbar of Augusta, Ga.; and screaming first tenor Matt Nunnally of Searcy, Ark. The group performs more than 140 concerts over 11 months on the road each year, but claims Paris, Tenn., as home when they are home.

   "My kids really like it and I thought it was great to have something that the whole family could do together," senior Lisa Burley said. "There aren’t many family-oriented activities in Monticello and even fewer on campus so it was a good change."

   The Christian in Action group, which is affiliated with Monticello's Church of Christ , sponsored the event with help from the Baptist College Ministries, Wesley Foundation and the Missionary Baptist Student Foundation.

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