Blogginí and Free Boxiní

Michael Ford
Arts & Entertainment Editor

   The blog craze is sweeping over the Internet like a heat wave over Southeast Arkansas in the middle of September. Everyone this side of a broadband cable has a blog or knows someone with a blog or at least knows what a blog is. Or do they?

   I am still dumbfounded when I am hit with the question ďWhat is a blog?Ē Apparently, blogs arenít nearly as popular as I thought they were, because this seems to be a common question among UAM students.

   If youíre scratching your head wondering what all this blog business is about, donít worry, Iím about to shed some light on the subject.

   A blog is what I like to call a futuristic journal. To be more specific, itís the happenings in a personís life that is posted on a Web page in chronological order. The author of a blog can set various features that determine how much content readers are allowed to access. Some blogs can be read by the general public, while others are only viewable by a select few; furthermore, some authors allow their readers to comment on daily postings, which is a revolutionary way for readers and authors to interact with each other across the globe.

   Blogs were around long before the term was coined, but the fad didnít gain force until the introduction of automated publishing systems, most notably Blogger at and LiveJournal at Thousands of people all over the Web are using these services to ease and accelerate their publishing needs.

   UAM jumped onto the blog bandwagon this fall when they integrated a blog with the online version of their student publication, The Voice. But they didnít stop there. In an attempt to take full advantage of the revolutionary capabilities of a blog, they have posted another blog that will act as a free box.

   A free box is exactly what it sounds like. Itís a box where you can get free stuff. If you have something you want to give away, you post it in the free box. If you see something in the free box you want, you post and let the owner know. One manís junk is another manís treasure right?

   Be sure and give all the details about the item you are giving away. If you have a picture of the item, then post it. The free box as well as the blog is html ready.

   However, there seems to be a small problem with the new blog Ė no one is participating. The blog has been up for two weeks now and there still hasnít been a single comment. After talking to various students around campus, I found out this was because most of you didnít know what one was or what to do with it. Well, now you do.

   Take part in Internet history and let your voice be heard at the same time by taking advantage of the UAM blog and free box.

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