"Sin City" stays faithful to the books

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Bradly Gill
Arts & Entertainment Editor   

   "Sin City" is the latest offering by hit director Robert Rodriguez ("Desperado," "Dusk till Dawn"). What is unique about this outing is that comic scribe Frank Miller, creator of the Sin City graphic novels, was along for the ride.

   This movie stays incredibly faithful to the books and not just in story either. The whole feel of the movie is like watching a moving comic book. Even the black and white pages of "Sin City" are painstakingly reproduced in the film. The three vignettes that show the heroes and villains of Basin City follow the comics frame by frame.

   "Sin City" also sports a star-studded cast: Bruce Willis plays the soon to be retired detective Hartigan; Clive Owen is the former killer Dwight; Mickey Rourke is the tough as nails bruiser Marv. Rourke was born to play Marv. Also look for everyone's favorite hobbit Elijah Wood as Kevin, the cannibalistic wolf boy. That's not a misprint; just watch the movie.

   Fans of action, comics, film noir or just good old detective stories will love "Sin City," but parents should be warned. Just because it is a comic movie, do not expect it to be "Spiderman." "Sin City" is anything but kid-friendly. It has nudity, murder, dismemberment, gunplay, cursing and enough smoking to make it look like a RJ Reynolds ad.

    Possibly the best comic book movie ever made, "Sin City" is mature enough to keep even non-geeks happy. Just make sure you have a strong stomach. I'm giving "Sin City" an A+.   

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