Mocha Madness showcases talent

Ashley Collins
Staff Writer   

   Need to relieve stress and get something off your chest? Mocha Madness provides the place to listen to poetry or read a piece that is dear to your heart.

   The Creative Society started Mocha Madness in mid-1995. To be a member of the society, students must have a GPA of 2.0.

   Gary Marshall, professor of Speech, has been a fan and performer of Mocha Madness for eight years. Marshall goes by the name Mars Hall and read “One Thing and One Last Thing” at the event.

   “It's the best creative outlet on campus for people to perform and showcase their talents,” he said. “I was blown away about how many creative people that we have on campus.”

   Robert Moore, professor of English, goes by the name Redhawk on stage. He performed his pieces called “The Ancient Regime” and “The Weeping of Woman Is The Only Dharma We Need.”  Moore has also attended Mocha Madness for eight years and has only missed one. To him, Mocha Madness is the best thing on campus and the best cheap date in Monticello.

   “I would rather read at Mocha Madness than win a Nobel peace prize,” he said.

   Moore encourages his students to attend and read their work. 

   Mocha Madness is ran by the students for the students and sponsored by the Student Activities Board  

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