et God be God

Brandy Walls
Staff Writer

   If I believe in God, then I believe that He has the day and time of all of our deaths already planned. Only He should control our deaths.

   In the recent events involving Terri Schiavo, I feel that we, as a people, have lost the sense of importance for life. Regardless of how you may feel, life should be viewed as sacred. Terri's life should have been in God's hands alone. Because God never promised us a life without suffering, Terri seemed to me to be living the life warranted by God.

   Because my grandfather now suffers from Alzheimer's Disease and has lost his ability to be a productive member of society except in our family, should he be killed? Because a baby in his or her mother's womb may have Down's Syndrome, should she terminate the pregnancy? I feel our society has placed itself in a rather scary place when we feel we have the right to choose whether or not one of God's creations should live or die. What gives us the right?

   I know not everyone believes in God, but that does not change the fact that God exists, no different than if someone wanted to argue whether or not the sky exists. What if what the Bible says remains true? What if we truly have to pay for what we do on earth? I, for one do not want to be responsible for someone's death.

   Let's let God be God.

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