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You have to love teenagers. 

   A Vermont teenager was charged with removing the head of a corpse. The authorities claim he was planning on using the head as a bong. The ingenuity of potheads never cease to amaze. 

Cloned cows OK 

   American and Japanese scientist found no significant difference in the meat and milk of bred cows and cloned cows, according to a new study. Now, if we can just shrink them to hamburger size. 

PBS killing our heroes

   As part of a campaign to get children to eat healthier, Cookie Monster has given up cookies, some of the time. The blue Muppet now sings a song labeling cookies as sometimes food. I hate public television now. 

More royal news, world yawns

   Prince Charles and his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles married Saturday. I am sure someone in the world still cares about the royal family, just not me. 

Read of the Week:

   Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger. A tale of a teenager’s backlash against the stupidity of the world, Salinger’s masterpiece tracks Holden Caulfield as he visits a hooker, his sister, and a former teacher. Witty and thought provoking, Salinger’s criticisms still have impact today.

Rating: A+

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