Arts and Humanities honors students

Brandy Walls
Staff Writer   

   The School of Arts and Humanities at the University of Arkansas-Monticello held its recognition ceremony April 12.

   Guest speaker Will Whiting, a senior who will graduate in May with a double major in speech communication and journalism, gave a short speech about his experience in the School of Arts and Humanities.

    "Arts and Humanities has prepared me to take my big first step into the world," Whiting said.

    He also spoke about how the school has enhanced his character.

    "There is no substitute for honesty and integrity," Whiting said.

    Kate Stewart, professor of English, then presented scholarships to several students.

  •     Amanda Haught and Nancy Stephan accepted the Mary Claire Buffalo scholarship in English.

  •     Jennifer Erin Anthony accepted the Benjamin & Jerri Whitten Hobson scholarship in English.

  •     Jenny Tucker accepted the Thomas C. & Julian Hobson Coleman scholarship in English.

  •     Katy Murray accepted the George & Betty Townsend scholarship in journalism.    

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