Red hawk releases a new book

Old Love Knows Best
Old love knows best
upon which bed to lay its fate to rest;
it is not hurried by the changing seasons,
nor rushed, though reason gives a thousand reasons.
It is not marked by anger nor by dread;
by patience and by kindness it is known.
Its root goes deep, beyond the flesh and bone,
so it alone remains when life has fled.
Old love flows free, not bound by time or space;
its blessings fall upon the hour and the day,
and on the years which swiftly pass away
but it alone escapes Death's cold embrace
because Death has no hold on it, no sway.
Death only rules the dust; old love does not decay.

-red hawk

Todd Kelley
Staff Writer     

   A local poet and teacher at the University of Arkansas at Monticello announced the release of his new book.

   Robert Moore, an associate professor of English commonly known as "red hawk," released love and death from the painful regurgitations of movies in his fifth book, "Wreckage with a Beating Heart."

   "This book is a detailed description of what is dying inside of me so that love can live," Moore said.

   Red hawk will premier his new book of poems May 16 at 7 p.m. in the Arkansas Reparatory Theatre, located at 601 Main St., in Little Rock, Ark. Ticket costs are from $25  to $50. All profits will be donated to support the work of Hospice of Arkansas.

   Also joining red hawk will be Coleman Barks, along with the musical accompaniment of David Dasling (cello) and Glen Velez (hand drum), reading his interpretations of 13th-century Persian poet, Jelabuddin Rumi.  

    If large crowds are not to your liking, check out your local bookstore (including UAM’s) on the day of the reading.  

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