'Minutemen' patrol the border

Todd Kelley
Staff Writer

   Let vigilante justice ring! A group of terrorists have begun patrolling the Arizona-Mexico border. Thankfully, our government has began fighting back to stop their efforts.

   A group using the suspicious name "Minutemen” decided to arm themselves with the destructive capability of cell phones. Armed with these weapons of mass destruction, their evil knows no boundaries. They use them to coordinate their border patrols, notify government authorities of illegal aliens attempting to cross the border and even use them so they know when to pick up their children and grandchildren from soccer practice. 

   Why are they doing these horrible deeds? Well, drug smugglers, illegal immigrants and terrorists can cross our borders at any given time with the system as it is. So somewhere in their twisted brain, they began to believe that if a terrorist cannot get into America to hijack a plane, then they cannot fly it into a building. This kind of thinking must be stopped.

   Everyone knows that terrorists can fly planes using nothing but their awesome powers of ... well ... OK, maybe they need to be in the cockpit, but protecting the border to stop them from coming into America? Come on, what kind of sense does that make? 

    Perhaps the "Minutemen" got tired of the Republicans approach to border control ... wait, the White House has no plan for border patrol. On the other side, Democrats agree that something needs to be done; they believe it is just better to wait until Republicans come up with a plan to see how they can impeach George Bush over it.

   Why? Because they do not want to lose the Mexican-American vote. They do not want the Mexican citizens of America to feel like either party is against them. Congratulations America, we have elected a group of people that are so worried about offending one group of people that they put us all at jeopardy. Oh and let us not phase out the old stand-by, cheap labor.

    I would also like to take a few minutes to put a little icing on this cake as well. The Mexican government has dispatched a troop of soldiers only 200 miles from the "Minutemen's" position. Their mission? To warn illegal wannabes that they cannot cross there.    

   So the funniest thing about this whole situation is that where the government has failed, the people are having success. Is that the true fear of this situation? Is the government scared that more people will see that they were elected to protect us and they cannot? I mean if you are worried about an illegal immigrant getting shot by a citizen, you should have done something about this years ago, before the people realized that this is a problem.

    I sit here disgusted because the media and the governments slam the initiative these people have shown. They are demonizing a group of patriots that are needed in this world. The "Minutemen" stand up and fight for the protection of our families while, you, our "leaders" would disgrace them and pander to non-citizens. 

   I gladly give my support to the "Minutemen." When America was born, you stood upon the fields of Lexington and Concorde to protect our land. Today you continue to do the same. I salute your efforts, and I pray that more people in America could feel half the love for this country that you do.

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