Assembly faces crisis

Bradly Gill
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   Imagine if half the Senators that run the nation never showed up to Congress. More so, imagine if some states did not bother to appoint representatives at all. Most people would see this situation as folly; however, the University of Arkansas at Monticello’s Assembly faces just such a crisis.

   Out of the 11 academic units, only three have appointed student representatives. Sally Owen, Student Government Association president, offered an explanation as to why the Assembly is lacking in attendance.

   “I think some departments don’t want student representatives. Others probably aren’t aware, or have no students interested,” she said.

   Owen also suggested a reason why students themselves show little interest in the Assembly.

   “I think they don’t understand the implications of what the Assembly does. They don’t understand the importance of the voting that goes on,” she said.

   This lack of interest led the Assembly to consider certain measures that would reduce the number of student representatives to four: the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer of the SGA.

   “Student participation shouldn’t be decreased. A lot of faculty don’t even show up,” Owen said.

   For the representatives that do go, some feel they are not having as much impact as they could.

   “I’ve been to one meeting and felt really useless,” said Amanda Haught, student representative for the school of Arts and Humanities..   

    The students that do show up and play a part in school government want to keep the interest alive. SGA elections will be held this month for positions. For an in-depth look at the Assembly's Constitution and its bylaws go to  

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