Intramural volleyball tourney 'best in years' 

Will's Thrills
Jill Jarrett
Staff Writer

   The University of Arkansas at Monticello recently held an intramural volleyball tournament.

Alpha Omega East
   In the final game of the women's tournament March 28, the undefeated Wills Thrills took the also undefeated Alpha Omega team. Wills Thrills (Theresa Tran, Jenna Thomas, Wendy Young, Teandra Harden, Myisha Colston, Sallie Martin, Casper Bobo and Centrina Johnson) beat the ladies of Alpha Omega (Stephanie Priest, Carrie Crutchfield, Alisha McCone, Heather Bell, Karen Dodd, Brooke Chambliss and Erin Gautney) in a two-game tournament.

   In the Co-Rec finals the Sig Taus went up against Alpha Omega East. At the end of the three-game tournament, the Alpha Omega team (Heather Bell, Carrie Crutchfield, Alisha McCone, Josh Rauls, Ethan Taylor, Josh Hartley, Brent Harrod, Robert Putnam and Curtis Hutslar) came out on top. During this game a member of the Sig Tau team was injured and taken to the hospital.

Bavarian Muskrats
   Even with all that went on with during the Co-Rec game, Intramurals director Julie Gentry said the men's tournament was the best volleyball she had seen in several years. The undefeated Bavarian Muskrats went head-to-head with the undefeated Alpha Omega East team. In the close three-game tournament, the Bavarian Muskrats (Curtis Hutslar, Keith Barrett, James Weems, Vick Barrett, Taylor Fondren, Robert Putnam and Daniel Morris) came out on top and took home the title of Men's Volleyball Champs.

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