Terri Schiavo starving to death

Karon Parrish
Contributing Writer

   I wonder what it is like to starve to death?  Of course there are no survivors to tell us how it feels because they are dead!  The Terri Schiavo case is one of horrifying extremes and it isn’t enough to say how sad it makes me.  It truly makes me madder than any other emotion I can think of.

   How dare Michael Schiavo say he will not abandon Terri, his wife, when in all other aspects he has done just that? He has a girlfriend with whom he has three children with.  How is that not abandoning Terri?  But yet, he still wants to be in control of her.

   I wish all the judges, lawyers, congress and senate members who rallied behind Michael Schiavo were denied water, food and ice chips for just 24 hours. I don’t think they could make it.

   Although Terri’s parents and husband have agreed they want an autopsy after her death, to determine the extent of her brain damage it will be a bittersweet procedure. What does it matter when she is already dead? Will they be able to say to the each other “I told you so?”

   How brain dead do you have to be to be taken off a feeding tube? It was reported on Good Morning America, March 29 that she is very calm and quiet but still responsive to voices and can still open her eyes. Does this seem too far gone to feed someone?

   Michael Schivao’s own attorney George Felos said “I saw no evidence of any bodily discomfort whatsoever.” He did add, “Her breathing seemed a little on the rapid side and her eyes were sunken,” according to Ron Word from the Associated Press.

   How many people are debating this issue while sitting around the dinner table tonight?

    Adviser's Note:  Terry Schiavo died March 31 in her husband's arms.

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