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Miller’s Sin City opens

   Comic book writer Frank Miller and famed director Robert Rodriguez’s film "Sin City" opens nationwide today. A hard-boiled film noir tale of a town and its heroes, based on the '90s comic of the same name, "Sin City" promises to deliver a graphic novel feel in film format.

BBC files request to interview Bob Marley

   Yep, the Bob Marley that’s been dead for about two decades. The BBC issued an apology after e-mailing the Bob Marley foundation asking for an interview. The request was part of a stock letter the channel sent out to hundreds of artists.

Pat Salad

   Ultra conservative Pat Buchanan cut an interview short after an opponent drenched him in salad dressing. According to an Associated Press article, the assailant could have received a felony charge. Good thing he didn’t use croutons

Car thieves take more than car.

   Think a high-tech fingerprint-reading device is a good idea? Think again. Two Malaysian car thieves found an interesting way to bypass the security measure. They chopped off the finger of the owner and drove away with it.

Game of the Week:

   "The Punisher" by THQ. Frank Castle takes his revenge on mobsters, pimps, drug dealers and just about anyone else who commits a crime in the new video game. Written by comic scribe Garth Ennis, the game takes you through various levels of shooting and mayhem. Ultra violent and not for the kiddies, but a great shoot-'em-up.

Rating: A+

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