Brinson hopes to call UAM home

Michael Ford

   Edwin Brinson came to the University of Arkansas – Monticello this semester to take advantage of an opening in the English department. While here, he found quite a few things worth staying for. 

   “I like small towns because they’re quiet,” he said. “Being in the country now isn’t like it used to be because now we have all the services of a big city.” 

   Brinson graduated from Louisiana Tech with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English. He spent the past 10 years in Monroe, La., where he taught at the University of Louisiana – Monroe. 

   Brinson’s teaching experience dates back much further, though, as he previously taught in Mississippi, Grambling, and even China and Germany. 

   “My favorite part of teaching is talking about literature and critical thinking,” he said. “Rhetoric is an easy way to describe it.” 

   Although Brinson enjoys teaching, giving grades presents the biggest challenge for him. 

   “Rhetoric can be extremely subjective,” he said. “I try to put aside disagreements and evaluate papers in their objective characteristics, as long as the writing reflects critical thinking, logical reasoning and avoids logical fallacies or a false cause.” 

   Brinson shared a few tips on how students can prevent becoming burnt out on college. 

   “Students should figure out a way not to work a full-time job and take a reasonable amount of hours,” he said. “They should figure out a good balance.” 

   Brinson enjoys a number of hobbies: bicycling, canoeing and poetry. 

   “I lived in San Antonio for a while where my brother lived,” he said. “We were bicyclers and rode for 25 miles a day.” 

   Brinson almost attended law school in Tulane but decided not to go. However, he still visits New Orleans about once a year to visit a couple of friends. 

   Although Brinson considers himself a visiting instructor, he said he would like to stay at UAM.

    “I enjoy teaching here,” he said. “I like the town, the people – all the friendly folks made me feel very at home.”  

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