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Jurassic Park, here we come.

   A 70-million-year-old T-Rex corpse has scientists believing they may be able to extract DNA from certain soft tissues. This is so much cooler than being able to clone sheep.

Episode III-trailer on the Web; Geeks rejoice

   The new three-minute trailer for "Star Wars Episode III" premiered this week. The movie looks to make amends for Jar Jar Binks and Anakin’s whining in the second film. Get ready for loads and loads of Jedi death this May.

Joss Whedon to write and direct "Wonder Woman"

   Creator of "Buffy," Joss Whedon has been set for the new "Wonder Woman" film. Whedon is currently writing for Marvel comic’s X-men franchise. Let’s just hope he doesn’t cast J-Lo as Wonder Woman.

This week's rent:

   "Dune" by Frank Herbert. One of the best science fiction/fantasy novels of all time, Dune is full of intrigue, betrayal, giant worms, messianic prophecy and dessert-raiding warriors. The book spawned a movie in the '80s and more recently a Sci-Fi Channel mini series.

Rating: A+

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