Students plan for Spring Break

Nancy Stephan
Staff Writer

   It’s spring break at the University of Arkansas—Monticello and it’s not too late to make plans if you are looking for something to do. 

   Many students made plans for the week.

   “I’m not going to do anything special. I may just catch up on some of my studies. This is the first time I haven’t done something or gone somewhere… it’s gonna be weird,” Ross Jacobs said.    

   Some students will catch up on other interests.

   “I’m going to spend a few days in Baton Rouge with family and friends and hopefully take in an LSU vs. Arizona State baseball game,” Jonathan Riley said.  

   Others will compete.

   “We will be spending four days with fellow UAM debate team members in St. Louis and joining students from all over the country for the National Debate Team Competitions,” junior Brandi Morgan said. 

   Others will work.

   “I’ll probably just spend my free time at home doing some spring cleaning,” Leonica Wilson said. 

   Some have decided to take the time to get a little rest and relaxation.

   “I’m going to Memphis for a few days visit with my dad. I’ll probably spend some time just riding around the farm,” Todd Kelley said. 

   If you are a student without plans, consider taking a one tank road trip and spending a few days away from everything. A drive to Little Rock with a few days of hotel binge sleeping never hurts. Shopping away your school blues is another fun idea. Monroe, Memphis, Fayetteville or Dallas are just a few ideal towns to shop and have fun at the same time. 

   Although the Northeast United States is being hit with blizzards and some of the coldest days of the year does not mean you cannot have fun. Grab a couple of friends and head down to Galveston or New Orleans to take in some sun, fun and sights.  

    Whatever you decide to do, remember to have fun, be careful and remember UAM will be waiting for students as they return to classes  March 21.

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