SGA elections need candidates

Karon Parrish

   Students looking for something to become involved in along with enhancing your resume could consider the Student Government Association, one area which most students on campus can become involved.

   SGA works with campus administration and faculty to help address the needs and issues affecting the student body.

    “The election committee will be meeting soon to plan the election dates which will be after spring break, SGA President Sally Owen said.

   Membership in the SGA consists of all currently enrolled UAM students, whether full-time or part-time. Students who wish to run for election must have a 2.00 cumulative grade point average, and maintain it for the semesters before and during the elections. Officers must maintain a 2.00 GPA while serving and be full-time students.

   Students who are seeking election for the president or vice president positions must have completed a minimum of 45 semester hours prior to the election to office. All other officers must complete 24 semester hours prior to the election.

   Students may not be aware that by being elected president, vice president, secretary or treasurer, they receive tuition assistance. The president receives full tuition, the vice president receives half tuition and both secretary and treasurer receive one quarter tuition. To ensure officers are committed to their positions, an officer review board oversees the officer duties and performance.

   The Student Senate is a legislative branch of the SGA. The Senate is composed of senators elected by the study body, with two seats per school or division. Seven senators-at-large are appointed by each school or division. Student senators are also representatives at the Assembly meetings.

  Past issues of the Voice have reported that student involvement has been low and there may be a reason for that. Out of the 14 senators elected to the 2004-2005 SGA, there has consistently been only one attend each meeting.

   UAM is a commuter college, which means more than three quarters of the student body do not live on campus. The majority of students who are involved either live on campus or close to the campus.

   The SGA election committee will announce the election dates within the next few weeks. Students who are interested in a career in politics could begin with the campus SGA.

    For more information students may contact the SGA adviser Ashley Lynn Corbin, director of student activities, or SGA President Sally Owen.

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