Gateway presents workshop

Brandy Walls
Staff Writer

   The University of Arkansas-Monticello's interim director of Gateway Student Support Services Tawana Jones presented a Feb 22 workshop entitled “A New Level of Thinking: A Philosophy for Success” in Harris Hall. 

   The workshop focused on how students can unlock their potential and become better learners as well as better people. Jones spoke about figuring out the purpose for being in college and utilizing all that the school has to offer. 

   “It starts with attitude,” Jones said.

   She then discussed how students’ attitudes affect everything that they try to accomplish. 

   “Am I outputting what I am truly capable of?” Jones asked those in attendance.

   She spoke about finding out what the college can offer students and using those tools to better their school experience. If the available tools remain unutilized, the student can only blame themselves for not taking advantage of what their school offers.

    “College is just one pathway on the journey of life,” Jones said.

    She explained that a bigger world exists out there, so students need to focus on the present in order to improve their future.

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