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Bill Gates still richer than all of us.

   The owner and CEO of Microsoft topped the Forbes 400, the list of the 400 richest people. In celebration, Gates was said to have swam around in a pool of money ala Scrooge McDuck. 

Irony Alert

   Twenty-year-old Patrick Bonk was arrested after hitting his mother in the head with a wrench. Still it could have been worse. What if he were Patrick Stab or Patrick Boom?

Chimp attacks people. Experts not surprised.

   After 62-year-old James St. Davis was attacked by chimps, leading experts issued statements that chimpanzees are one of the most dangerous animals in the wild, with strength much greater than men. One expert, a Mr. C. Heston, exclaimed, "They blew it up! Damn them!" 

Scientist say cloaking shield possible.

   University of Pennsylvania scientists say a shield that would provide invisibility would be possible and would adhere to the laws of physics. I really really want one for Christmas.

This week's rent:

   "Shaun of the Dead" (2004) by Edgar Wright. Shaun (Simmon Peg) is a 29-year-old loser thrust into the role of a leader as zombies attack. His best friend Ed (Nick Frost) is an even bigger loser who has some of the most memorable scenes in the movie. The movie pokes fun at zombie flicks and real life. It's one of the few movies that's hilarious and scary.

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