Senioritis strikes again

Karon Parrish

   It comes around every year to the students trying to graduate. It hits you as hard as the flu and as quick as lightening: it’s senioritis. Not just “Hey, I want out of here,” but more like “I think I’m drowning! GET ME OUTTA HERE!”

    Some symptoms are but not limited to:

  • Completely blanking out on a test you could have aced last semester.

  • Wearing more sweats and grungy clothes lately

  • Eating pounds of chocolate and gallons of soft drinks.

  • Panicking when the professor calls on you in class.

  • Crying over little, big or just about anything.

  • Dazed look on face.

  • Extreme fatigue especially in class.

  • Cannot remember if you put deodorant on or not.

  • Reverting back to your freshman day excuses for not completing work.

   Did you complete your degree audit, graduation papers and financial aid exit interview, then plan job hunting tactics and figure out how to dress like a normal person again?  

   For those suffering it isn’t something you can completely comprehend, but this too shall pass. French poet Paul Valery has a great quote for those of us in senioritis stage: “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up!”

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